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Credit Report

Contact us today!In this blog, we publish articles and stories that we believe you may find useful and pertinent to the areas of debt management, bankruptcy, debt collections, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. If you have any topic suggestions or ideas for articles that you would like to learn more about, please feel free to send us an email at advice@ohiodebthelp.com.

Can You Sue for Mistakes on Your Credit Report?

Mistakes happen, but when they occur on your credit report, the consequences are huge. Credit reporting agencies like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are legally required to fix mistakes on your credit report. However, they don’t always follow through. When they don’t, you may be able to sue them. If you have a mistake on your credit report, contact an Ohio debt management attorney at Luftman, Heck & Associates. For now, Read More

Statutes of Limitations in Ohio Debt Lawsuits

Imagine that years ago you had a trip to an ER in Columbus with a nasty flu. You waited for a couple of hours, were examined, given some fluids through an IV, and ultimately sent home. A month or so later, you got a medical bill for a lot more than you expected because the ER wasn’t in your insurance network. The bill was more than you could pay, so Read More

How to Tell if Your Creditors are ‘Overbiffing’ Your Debt

Unfortunately, debt collectors have a reputation for using illegal tactics to confuse or intimidate debtors into paying money they may not owe. These deceitful and unfair collection practices come in all shapes and sizes, with new ones constantly being thought up. Most recently, a tactic called ‘overbiffing’ has gained popularity and refers to tricking consumers into paying more than their “Balance in Full” or BIF. If you believe you’ve been Read More

Why You Should Be Worried About an Inaccurate Credit Report

Your credit report is a document constructed based on your personal information and the way your bills are paid. The compilation of this information determines a number, usually between 300 and 850, which is your designated credit score. This number assists lenders in analyzing whether or not you are a viable candidate for a loan. In addition to this, there are many situations in which knowing and understanding your credit Read More

Wells Fargo Fined $185 Million Over Unauthorized Accounts

Wells Fargo Bank recently made the news when they were fined $185 million from several agencies for opening numerous unauthorized customer accounts. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reached a settlement with Wells Fargo, who has agreed to pay $100 million to CFPB, $50 million to the city and county of Los Angeles, and $35 million to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. During a review of Wells Read More

Settlement Reached For Victim of Identity Theft

An Ohio resident recently found himself in significant financial trouble after being the victim of identity theft. The gentleman reported the issue to his credit card company as soon as he became aware of the unauthorized charges, but the credit card company, unfortunately, did not remove the charges from his account. To make matters worse, the credit card company eventually handed the debt over to a third-party collector who began Read More

5 Important Debt Relief Tips

Many Americans struggle every year with mounting debts. If you find your bills have gotten out of control, it’s time to consider how you can free yourself from them. Here are five tips to help you get relief from your crushing debt: Renegotiate payment plans by yourself. If your repayment plans and interest rates have grown too high for you, contact your creditor to see if they will work with Read More

3 Dangers Involving Long-Term Credit Card Debt

There is no doubt that credit card debt can have a negative impact on consumers. Carrying over a credit card balance from month to month will result in the addition of monthly interest charges. Long-term credit card debt will not only increase your balance due to these monthly interest charges, but it could further result in a higher interest rate. Unfortunately, the negative impacts of a credit card balance are Read More

Keep a Lookout for Errors on Your Credit Report

Recently, comedian John Oliver brought attention to an important piece of personal information that can often get overlooked: your credit report. On his show Last Week Tonight, he reminded us that our credit score is not only extremely powerful, but it can often be immensely affected by incorrect data. Your credit report is used by a number of different people or companies, such as landlords who are deciding to rent Read More