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Debtor Defense

Contact us today!In this blog, we publish articles and stories that we believe you may find useful and pertinent to the areas of debt management, bankruptcy, debt collections, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. If you have any topic suggestions or ideas for articles that you would like to learn more about, please feel free to send us an email at advice@ohiodebthelp.com.

How to Stop Debt Collectors Over the Holidays

It’s never a good time to hear from debt collectors, but it is worse over the holidays. As economic hardships caused by the global pandemic increase, you may have gotten behind on your payments. Fortunately, the law provides a way to stop debt collection efforts. Falling on hard times can happen to anyone, especially during a global health crisis. You’ve dealt with enough stress without being harassed. Call an Ohio Read More

The Laws that Protect You from Creditor Harassment

Too many people in Ohio are struggling with debt and facing creditor harassment. If you are one of them, you are probably asking yourself what you can do to make it stop. Fortunately, several federal and state laws restrict the tactics and behavior of debt collectors. There is also a process for filing complaints when debt collectors cross the line. Hiring a lawyer can also ease the stress of dealing Read More

7 Most Common FDCPA Violations by Debt Collectors

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was conceived to protect consumers from abusive, deceptive, or unfair tactics of debt collection agencies. Despite the fact that these agencies must follow federal law, they often neglect to perform within the standards to which the FDCPA holds them. In its recent annual report, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) stated that “The Bureau received approximately 75,200 complaints about first-party and third-party debt Read More

How to Vacate a Judgment in Ohio

Learning that you have a judgment over a debt is one of the most stressful events that someone can experience. This is especially true if you never knew you were being sued. Now your credit rating is being dragged down and you’re wondering what you can do. The unfortunate reality is that once a judgment is on your credit report, it’s there to stay except in some very narrow circumstances. Read More

What Fees Can a Debt Collector Charge?

People in debt often find themselves in situations where their debt has been sold or charged off to a third-party debt collector. Unfortunately, these people typically see the original amount owed significantly increased after it goes to collections. This is commonly due to interest, fees, and charges, but they are not always valid or handled by reputable collection agencies. You should consult a knowledgable Ohio debt lawyer to determine whether Read More

Statutes of Limitations in Ohio Debt Lawsuits

Imagine that years ago you had a trip to an ER in Columbus with a nasty flu. You waited for a couple of hours, were examined, given some fluids through an IV, and ultimately sent home. A month or so later, you got a medical bill for a lot more than you expected because the ER wasn’t in your insurance network. The bill was more than you could pay, so Read More

Aggressive Hospital Debt Collection Practices

The high cost of health care is well known. And while politicians argue, working families face staggering medical bills that, if left unpaid, subject them to increasingly aggressive debt collections from hospitals and collection agencies. If you are struggling with medical debt, you need to understand your legal rights and options. The Ohio debt collections attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates, LLP can help resolve your debts and protect you Read More

When do you Owe Interest on Credit Card Transactions in Ohio

Consumers oftentimes assume they owe interest on their credit card purchases automatically. Creditors are very happy to take advantage of this incorrect assumption. In reality, a consumer only owes interest on loans or purchases if he or she agreed to pay interest, and the agreement is reflected in a contract (oftentimes the cardmember agreement). If the creditor cannot supply the court with the cardmember agreement reflecting the agreement to pay Read More

Dealing with Medical Debt Collection

Medical debt can be overwhelming, especially if it is a significant amount. Medical debt collection practices are also becoming increasingly aggressive. This can take a toll on your finances and cause a great deal of stress. Fortunately, there are ways you can get out from under and improve your financial situation. If you’re struggling with medical debt and getting calls and letters from debt collectors, it is in your best Read More