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Contact us today!In this blog, we publish articles and stories that we believe you may find useful and pertinent to the areas of debt management, bankruptcy, debt collections, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. If you have any topic suggestions or ideas for articles that you would like to learn more about, please feel free to send us an email at advice@ohiodebthelp.com.

Payday Loans in Ohio

Payday loans are short term high interest loans for small amounts of money, often ranging from $100-$1000. You’ve probably noticed “payday advance” storefronts in lower-income areas. This is not by accident. It’s an unfortunately effective strategy by payday lenders to take advantage of people more likely to have limited access to other forms of less expensive credit. Here’s their plan. A payday lender targets a lower-income area so that when Read More

How to Vacate a Judgment in Ohio

Learning that you have a judgment over a debt is one of the most stressful events that someone can experience. This is especially true if you never knew you were being sued. Now your credit rating is being dragged down and you’re wondering what you can do. The unfortunate reality is that once a judgment is on your credit report, it’s there to stay except in some very narrow circumstances. Read More

How to Stop Student Loan Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment on a student loan puts you in a seemingly hopeless position. You work hard to earn a living, but you can never seem to get ahead. While you expect your income to cover life’s essentials, a portion is applied to past due student loans before you ever see it. If you can’t pay your current bills, the vicious cycle may continue well into your future. Fortunately, there are Read More

Private Student Loan Companies Struggling to Prove They Own Your Debt

A series of lawsuits brought by debt collection companies against delinquent student loan borrowers has revealed that in many cases, private student loan companies cannot prove they own the borrower’s debt. When it comes time to providing a court with documents proving the ownership of a debt, these private companies can’t deliver. In such cases, courts refuse to enforce the debt obligation against the borrower, which effectively releases the borrower Read More

Consumer Finance Agency Proposed Mortgage Disclosure Changes

In October 2015, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a mortgage disclosure rule called the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID). TILA-RESPA refers to the Truth in Lending Act and the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act, both of which have been integral parts of the mortgage process for years. Consumers who applied for a mortgage would receive a separate set of disclosures from both TILA and RESPA. CFPB determined that Read More

Student Debt with Nothing to Show for It

Some students would call this their worst academic nightmare. Imagine hauling your books in a heavy book bag, thinking only about how you really should have paid the extra cost to have a bit more padding in the shoulder straps. You arrive to class to find the door locked with a fastened note, alerting all students that the college has closed. Not just closed for the afternoon, or the evening. Read More

Payday Lenders Switching Tactics

The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau (CFPB) has recently proposed the first-ever federal laws that would regulate fee schedules and interest rates for payday lenders. However, not all of the regulations appear to be helpful to consumers. Payday and auto title loan lenders are reacting to some of the newer regulations by shifting repayment plans that could allow them to charge higher fees in order to use the service. The Pew Read More

3 Dangers Involving Long-Term Credit Card Debt

There is no doubt that credit card debt can have a negative impact on consumers. Carrying over a credit card balance from month to month will result in the addition of monthly interest charges. Long-term credit card debt will not only increase your balance due to these monthly interest charges, but it could further result in a higher interest rate. Unfortunately, the negative impacts of a credit card balance are Read More

Beware of These 5 Debt Relief Scams

When you are deep in debt, it sometimes feels like you are willing to try anything to get your finances in order. Debt relief entities such as consumer credit counseling program and debt settlement companies are a great help for people with a lot of bills because they offer ways to help you reduce your debt and pay it off your creditors in a reasonable amount of time. They work Read More