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GC Services Limited Partnership was started in 1957 dedicated to the collection of accounts in the oil and gas industry. Today they collect on a wide-range of consumer debts and are headquartered in Houston, TX.

Contact information:

Web: www.gcserv.com
Address: 6330 Gulfton #303, Houston, TX 77081
Phone: 800-756-6524 or 713-776-6441

GC Services has offices located throughout the United States as well as the Caribbean, and the Philippines. They have 30 call centers worldwide and have been in business for over half a century specializing in customer care solutions and accounts receivable solutions.

GC Services states that they are “the largest private collection agency in the United States” with over 9,000 employees. Also, they have a very large portfolio of accounts they collect on. The major types of accounts GC Services does receivable management for are: credit cards, healthcare, student loans, tax issues, auto deficiencies, and municipal debts.

As with the majority of collection agencies, consumers have responded very negatively to the collection practices of GC Service’s representatives. As a result, GC Services has fallen victim to numerous Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims (FDCPA). According to public court records GC Services has defended or is currently defending over 350 FDCPA claims since the year 2005. The Better Business Bureau has record of over 300 complaints being filed against them in just the last three years.

GC Services has also been accused on several occasions of not displaying the correct number and location on alleged debtor’s caller IDs. The collection call from GC Services originates from another state but their company is able to manipulate the caller ID system in such a way as to display a local number. This is a practice being used more readily in the collection industry. The purpose of falsifying their phone number is meant to increase the chance that the call will be answered by the alleged debtor.

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