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Calvalry SPV I LLC

Calvalry SPV I, LLC is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York. Calvalry acquires assets from major banks, consumer finance companies, utilities and other financial institutions.

Contact information:

Web: www.cavalryportfolioservices.com
Address: PO Box 1030 Hawthorne, NY 10532
Phone: 866-434-2996

While every situation is different, Calvalry typically will purchase assets (oftentimes credit card debt) from a major bank, and immediately refer it to their servicing company, Calvalry Portfolio Services, LLC. Calvalry Portfolio will then likely begin collection efforts. Standard collection procedures usually begin with an initial letter, and may also consist of subsequent letters and repeated telephone calls.

Eventually, if the debt is not resolved, Calvalry will likely bring a lawsuit against the consumer, and has done so on numerous occasions in the State of Ohio. An experienced consumer law attorney can have a great deal of success both defending a lawsuit brought by Calvalry and bringing Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims against Calvalry. A consumer law attorney should be able to recognize any such counterclaim as well as defend the claim by:

  1. Forcing Calvalry to demonstrate the entire chain of title to the account;

  2. Demanding Calvalry produce all account statements that prove the account balance;

  3. Comparing the interest rates alleged in the lawsuit to those that were legally allowable pursuant to the original creditors contract and schedule of interest rates;

  4. Examining any potential defense the consumer might have had against the original creditor such as inaccurate or unauthorized charges.

Most of the time, the claims that Calvalry files are resolved prior to a trial if the consumer is represented by an attorney. If the consumer is not represented by an attorney, many times Calvalry will obtain a default judgment and continue collection efforts including garnishing wages and bank accounts. A consumer should not allow a default judgment to be rendered as these types of cases are very defensible, and many times an experienced consumer law attorney is able to save the consumer more money than the attorney fees for such a case.

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