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Student Loan Debt Reduced

A wife and mother of two who was a Luftman, Heck & Associates debt consolidation client became overextended with student loan debt when she lost the income from her babysitting job. The woman had a $23,000 private student loan through RBS/Citizens Bank. The bank sent the loan to collections when it became past due, and the woman started experiencing harassing phone calls.

She decided to talk to Attorney Jeremiah Heck, who had handled her debt consolidation, to find out if there was anything LHA could do to help her with the student loan. Attorney Heck talked the situation through with her and thought a settlement likely could be reached with the collection agency handling the loan. Attorney Heck and the woman agreed on a monthly payment amount she could afford, and then Attorney Heck contacted the collection agency to negotiate and get the phone calls stopped.

Attorney Heck convinced the collection agency to take 50 percent of what she owed on the student loan debt. Because of the woman’s loss of income, she didn’t have the money to pay half the balance in a lump sum. Attorney Heck was able to negotiate with the collection agency to accept payments toward the settlement amount. The client was happy that she was able to resolve the debt and avoid being sued over the student loan.

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