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Couple Saves Over 41% Of Debt To Medical And Credit Card Companies

A local couple in their 50s realized they were in serious financial trouble after their mounting medical and credit card debt continued to grow. Unfortunately, both the husband and wife had been laid off by their employers and the situation took a turn for the worst. In credit card debt, there are excessive fees and interest rates applied, promoting savings, but that does not translate to medical debt. There is less to be written off. With over $2,873.37 owed to a medical company in Delaware, they turned to the skillful legal advocate and Ohio consumer law attorney Jeremiah Heck at Luftman, Heck & Associates to answer their financial concerns.

Under the experienced legal advisement of attorney Heck, the Columbus couple saw a substantial reduction in their owed balance, now only $1,700. They were astounded to see a 41% reduction in the original amount they owed.

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