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Ohio Foreclosure Lawyers

Foreclosure is the legal process through which a bank/lender attempts to recover possession of the property through court order when a borrower defaults on a loan. Once a judgment is obtained by the bank/lender, the court orders that the borrower vacates the property by a certain date and that the property be sold at public auction.

Below is a summary of the timeline for a typical foreclosure:

  1. First 30-90 Days:

    • Owner is behind in mortgage payments.

  2. 30 Days Later:

    • Legal proceedings begin when mortgage company files complaint.

  3. First 30-90 Days:

    • Owner is behind in mortgage payments.

  4. 28 Days:

    • Owner has 28 days from receipt of complaint to respond or file an answer.

  5. Within 5 – 30 Days:

    • Mortgage company attorney files motion for default judgment if no answer is made.

    • Court can render default judgment decision.

    • Attorney files motion for judgment decree in foreclosure.

    • Court can render judgment decree in foreclosure decision.

    • Attorney files a legal form known as a praecipe with the clerk of courts ordering the sale of the property.

  6. Within 3 Days:

    • Within 3 days clerk delivers praecipe to sheriff.

  7. During the Next 3 Months:

    • An appraisal is ordered and completed.

    • The sale date is set.

    • Sale is advertised in the Daily Reporter for 5 weeks.

  8. Day of Sale:

    • Sheriff will auction property to highest bidder.

  9. Within 30 to 60 Days of Sale:

    • Confirmation of Sale (orders sheriff’s deed and gives new owner right to file for writ of possession)

    • 14 days after confirmation of sale the sheriff’s deed is issued.

    • New owner files for writ of possession.

    • Sheriff will give you 10 – 14 days to move out of your home – this may be extended up to 30 days for hardship.

The foreclosure process is very complex and it is important to consult with an attorney is you have received notice of or are at risk of foreclosure. There are many scams that target individuals facing foreclosure as well as many programs that can help individuals facing foreclosure. Consulting an attorney will make sure that you get the correct guidance and advice as to what your rights and options are.

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