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Contact us today!In this blog, we publish articles and stories that we believe you may find useful and pertinent to the areas of debt management, bankruptcy, debt collections, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. If you have any topic suggestions or ideas for articles that you would like to learn more about, please feel free to send us an email at advice@ohiodebthelp.com.

Why You Should Be Worried About an Inaccurate Credit Report

Your credit report is a document constructed based on your personal information and the way your bills are paid. The compilation of this information determines a number, usually between 300 and 850, which is your designated credit score. This number assists lenders in analyzing whether or not you are a viable candidate for a loan. In addition to this, there are many situations in which knowing and understanding your credit Read More

What Should I Do If A Debt Collector Robocalls Me?

Federal law permits debt collectors to use an auto dialer when calling consumers. This auto dialer “robocalls” people, and when the line is answered, a prerecorded message informs the consumer about their debt. The reason debt collectors use this device is because it is capable of dialing several numbers quickly, leaving more time for collectors to speak to actual people instead of listening to the line ring or leaving numerous Read More

Consumer Protections For Veterans

Veterans, like other consumers, are potential targets for fraudulent, deceptive, or abusive practices. However, veterans and their families are often targeted specifically because of certain circumstances that are unique to them, such as frequent relocations and extended deployments. Additionally, many service members are young individuals with families who find themselves living on their own and earning a paycheck for the first time after leaving the military. If you believe you’ve Read More

Three Tips for Negotiating Debt Settlement

Every day, millions of Americans struggle with what seems to be insurmountable debt. If you have fallen behind on making payments, you may be dealing with frequent calls from creditors and debt collectors. However, in an effort to alleviate your debts, you may be able to engage in debt settlement negotiations with creditors to work out a more manageable arrangement. Debt settlements may result in the creditor accepting a lower Read More

Ohio Debt Relief Programs

Many individuals and families across Ohio are struggling with crushing debt and are desperate to find ways to alleviate that burden. Over the years, many organizations and companies have been established to provide debt relief services. These include debt settlement companies, credit counselors, or debt management plan providers that are either for-profit or non-profit entities. However, consumers need to be aware that federal and Ohio law provides some consumer protections Read More

What is a Debt Collection Lawsuit?

When a creditor or a debt collector doesn’t receive payment according to the terms of a credit agreement, they may file a debt collection lawsuit against the debtor, which is a legal action that asks for a court to intervene and award a judgment. If you have been served with notice that such a lawsuit has been filed against you, you should not ignore it. You should contact an experienced Read More

How Can I Stop Debt Collectors from Harassing Me?

Earlier this year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released its annual summary of consumer complaints, which identified debt collection as the most common issue raised in the complaints filed. FTC coordinated an initiative with state and local partners to address the problem of illegal debt collection practices and harassment, which resulted in the agency banning 30 companies and individuals from engaging in debt collection and nearly 100 million in judgments Read More

How Does a Debt Collection Agency Make Money?

Debt collection agencies are, first and foremost, profit-driven businesses. Their goal is to make a profit by either working with creditors to collect delinquent debts or by purchasing the debts themselves – often for a fraction of the total amount owed– and then collecting on the debt. With this perspective in mind, debtors should be aware that, because their aim is to make a profit, debt collection agencies are often Read More

Debt Collection By Email

Debt collectors use a wide variety of resources to collect payment from people, and email communications are not off-limits under the law. However, email debt collection communications are still subject to applicable federal and state restrictions, and debt collectors are prohibited from using email in an abusive and unfair manner. If you believe you have been receiving debt collection emails that violate your consumer rights, you should contact an experienced Read More