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The CBE Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CBE Companies, a global call center outsourcing company specialized in collections operations that has been in business since 1933. The CBE Group has been in business since 1985 and is headquartered in Cedar Valley, Iowa. CBE is owned by Thomas Penaluna.

Contact information:

Web: http://www.cbegroup.com/
Address: 1309 Technology Pkwy, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Phone: (319) 234-6686

A large collections agency with over 1,600 employees and call centers not only in Cedar Valley, but also Waterloo, Iowa; Overland Park, Kansas; New Braunfels, Texas; and Manila, Philippines, the CBE Group has extensive collections operations in a diverse cross-section of industries. The CBE Group was created as a part of CBE Companies’ overall strategy of credit, collection, and reporting agencies, but after their Credit Reporting Division was sold to Equifax in 2002, collections became the company’s main focus.

CBE makes millions of debt collection calls per year to customers around the United States. They do not specialize in any particular type of industry, but rather make collection attempts on behalf of finance, healthcare, communications, utilities, education, and governmental entities.

While there have been accusations of harassment and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) complaints made against the company, no judgments have been made against the CBE Group to date. Despite over 50 unsuccessful harassment claims, future verified harassment could lead to possible sanctions.

CBE Group is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has an “A” rating. This means that the BBB has determined that CBE makes a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints in a timely and fair manner. Of the 429 customer complaints recorded from 2013-2015, all were resolved to the satisfaction of the BBB.

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Getting called by bill collectors is never fun, but when a collection agency crosses the line, you have the right to make it stop—and even get compensation for damages you suffered. While CBE Group has a good track record of not violating the FCDPA in the past, this does not mean that what you are experiencing is not necessarily harassment. If you believe that your rights have been violated, call the Ohio consumer law attorneys at Luftman, Heck, and Associates at today at (888) 726-3181 to find out if you may have a case. Even if your creditors are not violating the FDCPA, we may be able to help you get answers to your other questions and find a way out of these financial difficulties by exploring bankruptcy or other debt resolution options.
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