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Simm Associates is a family-owned collections agency located in Newark, Delaware. Founded in 1991, the company isn’t just a third-party collections company. They offer first-party collections services as well as a service called “early out” collections, where they will assist a company early on in their collection attempts. Simm also collects on probate accounts.

Contact information:

Web: https://www.simmassociates.com
Address: 800 Pencader Dr., Newark, DE 19702
Phone: (302) 368-9382

Simm Associates is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it has received a score of B+ from the BBB. Their score isn’t higher because they have received 63 complaints in the last three years, and have only closed 32 of them.

Consumers have taken to the internet in droves to complain about Simm’s harassing phone tactics. Many consumers think the company is attempting to scam them because the callers often don’t introduce themselves properly or explain why they are calling. Some consumers have found that they already settled the debt in question with the original company, and are suspicious of Simm’s true motives.

As with other companies that collect the debts of those who have passed away, Simm has received the reputation for being callous and unfeeling when contacting decedents’ living relatives.

What’s more, they were named in a newspaper article as the collection agency for student loan conglomerate Sallie Mae that contacted student loan borrowers and demanded payments in full, even if the borrowers in question were making current, on-time payments. The reason for these calls was that one or both of the borrower’s co-signers had passed away, putting the borrower’s account into a process called “auto-default.” Auto-default places an account immediately in default in the event of a co-signer’s death. While this procedure is legal, it leaves even the biggest banks puzzled and dismayed because it brings undue financial stress on someone who is paying diligently.

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