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US Bank, based in Minneapolis, is the fifth largest bank in the country based on assets.

Contact information:

Web: www.usbank.com
Address: 800 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55402
Phone: 612-872-2657

US Bank (U.S. Bancorp) is a diverse American financial services company. US Bank was formed by the merger of several large banks located in the United States. Those large banks were formed through mergers and acquisitions of dozens of smaller banks. They provide financial services ranging from home loan, credit card, personal loans and home loans to retirement, business banking, and wealth management services.

While there are literally hundreds or even thousands of banks in the United States, of the major banks, US Bank is one of the better companies to work with. Settlements with them may often be below 50% of the balance depending on how quickly the consumer can provide them the funds. US Bank also appears to refer their accounts out to debt collection law firms for legal action on a smaller basis than other major banks.

If you have any delinquent accounts with them you may be able to work directly with the bank to enter into a “re-age” program. Do not enter into any new payment agreement with them if you are unable to financially meet proposed terms. When accounts are charged-off from their company, they will use any number of collection agencies and debt collection law firms to recover the balance for them.

In 2011, there were class action suits filed against US Bank alleging “failure to fulfill obligations under the Federal Home Affordable Modification Program.” US Bank has increased the number of foreclosure lawsuits they have filed. If you find that you are a named defendant in a lawsuit brought by them, you should obtain a consumer law attorney as soon as possible.

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