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CACH LLC is a debt buyer which purchases primarily delinquent charged off credit card debt. CACH is located in Denver, Colorado but collects on debt throughout the United States including Ohio. CACH is aggressive in its collection tactics by its use of third party debt collectors and law firms. CACH rarely engages in collection efforts on its own behalf but instead uses third party debt collectors to send letters, telephone the debtor, and to forward to law firms for collection lawsuits if early collection efforts fail.

If you are sued by CACH, you should call an attorney immediately. You have 28 days to file the appropriate response to a lawsuit in the Ohio, and oftentimes, an attorney can reach a reasonable resolution with CACH. Many times, CACH purchases the debts from another debt buyer, and it is difficult for CACH to demonstrate it owns the account at issue. Of course, you must be truthful in all your testimony, but most of the time, the consumer has never heard of CACH and cannot validate that CACH legally purchased the debt.

CACH LLC is one of the more aggressive debt buyers in the nation. Most debt buyers are aggressive in bringing lawsuits against consumers, but few actually bring in witnesses to testify to the authenticity of business records. CACH has been known to bring in witnesses, which makes defeating the claim more challenging; although, not impossible. CACH has been sued numerous times throughout the country for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. As a result of this, it’s important to have a consumer law attorney to review all collection efforts leading up to the lawsuit, and the lawsuit itself to determine if there is a counterclaim.

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