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How to Stop Debt Collectors Over the Holidays

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It’s never a good time to hear from debt collectors, but it is worse over the holidays. As economic hardships caused by the global pandemic increase, you may have gotten behind on your payments. Fortunately, the law provides a way to stop debt collection efforts.

Falling on hard times can happen to anyone, especially during a global health crisis. You’ve dealt with enough stress without being harassed. Call an Ohio consumer lawyer at Luftman Heck & Associates if debt collection actions are ruining your holiday spirit. Our experienced debt collection defense attorneys can help stop debt collection during the holidays and beyond.

You can reach us at (888) 726-3181 or by using the online form.

Debt Collections Rules

Suppose you owe a credit card company, medical provider, finance company, or any other company and get behind on the payments. In that case, you could end up receiving calls or letters demanding payment. You could hear from them directly, or if the debt remained unpaid for some time, the company could send it to a debt collection service. Should the debt remain outstanding, a debt collection lawyer might pursue legal action against you.

How debt collectors operate is governed primarily by federal law. For instance, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) applies to third-party debt collectors, and they are the ones your debt is sent to if the original creditor was unable to collect.

Under this law, debt collectors are not allowed to:

  • Curse
  • Threaten to: harm you, tell your friends and family, have you arrested, sue you (if they can’t do so or aren’t planning to)
  • Keep calling if you told them to stop or to communicate in writing
  • Continue contacting you after your lawyer sends them a letter notifying them of representation

So, the first thing to do to ease your stress over unpaid bills is to tell collectors to stop calling. If they don’t stop, contact us to send a cease-and-desist letter. After that, you’ll need our help for a permanent resolution.

Fixing Your Debt Collections Problem

Stopping annoying and harassing calls brings some relief, but you must focus on the problem: unresolved debts. Fortunately, we can guide you to the right solution.

Possible collection resolutions include:

  • Working out a payment plan. While this is something you can do on your own, a debt settlement attorney can likely secure a better repayment plan for you.
  • A debt consolidation/settlement. Rather than picking off each debt separately, our attorneys can help you decide if debt consolidation/settlement is a better option. With debt consolidation, you secure one loan that pays all the creditors/collections agencies. This option allows a single monthly payment that’s generally lower than all the previous debt payments combined.
  • Bankruptcy. Sometimes the best solution is filing bankruptcy. There is no shame in using the bankruptcy protection laws to resolve debts and get a fresh start. That is what bankruptcy is designed for, and corporations use it all the time to their advantage. When you work with a bankruptcy lawyer at our firm, we can guide you through the process, including whether you should file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Debt Collectors Calling? We Can Help

Few people pulled through 2020 without financial issues. Due to circumstances out of everyone’s control, many now struggle to pay bills. The last thing you need is harassing debt collectors at the holidays. Luftman Heck & Associates can help stop debt collections and work with you to resolve your money issues. Let us walk you through the ways you can experience a happier and more prosperous new year.

We’re available 24/7 for a free consultation about debt collection calls. Call (888) 726-3181 or use our online form to schedule an appointment today.