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Settlement Reached For Victim of Identity Theft

An Ohio resident recently found himself in significant financial trouble after being the victim of identity theft. The gentleman reported the issue to his credit card company as soon as he became aware of the unauthorized charges, but the credit card company, unfortunately, did not remove the charges from his account. To make matters worse, the credit card company eventually handed the debt over to a third-party collector who began pursuing him for the full balance, including all of the unauthorized charges, and the associated interest and fees. Upon being sued for a total of $2,622.58, the man turned to the skillful legal advocates and Ohio consumer law attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates to answer his financial concerns.

Under the experienced legal advisement of attorney Jeremiah Heck, with the assistance of attorney Rebecca Bradley, the case was settled for $500. The unauthorized charges were removed from the balance resulting in an 81% reduction on the balance owed.After achieving this result, the client was quite pleased to finally move on without being saddled with this unwarranted debt, which may not have been possible with less capable legal counsel.

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