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Debt Settlement Practices Lawsuit Settled

After more than two years of litigation, Ohio consumer law attorney Jeremiah Heck settled a lawsuit against a debt settlement company over violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

At the heart of the suit was a conspiracy between multiple companies to access a man’s credit report in ways that aren’t permitted. They did so for the purpose of trying to market debt settlement services to him.

Heck and his associates argued that the companies had committed violations of state and federal laws. The violations were a serious breach of the man’s privacy.

Additionally, the case dealt with the deceptive nature of the debt settlement marketing. The companies created a mailer that looked like it was from a government organization when it was not. The mailer also made significant misrepresentations about the companies ability to settle the debtor’s bills.

The lawsuit involved law firms from three states and a number of different defendants.

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