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Young Man’s Debt Problems Resolved

A mother who had successfully undergone a debt consolidation with the help of Luftman, Heck & Associates was worried when she saw her son fall into financial turmoil. She pleaded with him to take a step toward solving his debt problems by calling LHA to learn about all of his options.

The son called Attorney Jeremiah Heck and explained that he was out of work for six months. He was in desperate straits but hadn’t wanted to worry his parents. Once he started working again, he was making more money than he did at his previous job. But his creditors were unwilling to work with him and offered no help or relief so he could catch up his past due balances. He only had a little under $12,000 in debt.

Attorney Heck was able to negotiate with the young man’s creditors and come to a settlement on his account with GE Capital for only $2,750.

The son said he never thought he’d see the financial stress from his debt problems removed from his life. When he found out he could settle his debt for significantly less than he owed, the first call he made was to his mother. He thanked her for supporting him and guiding him to the compassionate attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associate.

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